OLGC Directory

(Check back often as additional staff and organizations are added to this list.) To e-mail a person, click on the person’s name.

Parish Office Email Address: TCOffice@olgc.org

To place a telephone call to a person, call the parish at 215-357-1300. When prompted for the extension number, enter the appropriate 3-digit number. 

NOTE: If you are calling regarding a medical EMERGENCY and need a priest for the sacraments, do not call an extension number.  Rather, speak to a receptionist.  If calling when the Trinity Center is closed, the phone will provide an option to reach a priest.

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Monday through Thursday:   10:00AM – 8:00PM

Friday:   10:00AM – 5:00PM

Saturday:  9:00AM – 2:00PM






Rev. Robert G. Suskey


0 Msgr. Joseph A. Tracy Parochial Vicar (Senior Priest)
0 Bernadette Clune Parish Office Manager
104 Barbara Riley School Principal
107 Mariana Rossi Coordinator of Religious Education
117 Martha Matysik School Office Manager
102 Kathleen Reick Business Manager
206 Joan Kozlowski Director of Music
152 Bernadette Platt Parish Bulletin
131 Vicki Francis Youth Ministry Coordinator
160 Kelly Amenhauser Geriatric Care Manager, Catholic Social Services
132 Mary Riccaboni SCRIP Coordinator