General Policies and Procedures


Regular class attendance is expected of each student in the Religious Education Program. One of the biggest problems we have to contend with is absenteeism. It is recommended that parents schedule all extra curricular activities at times not conflicting with religion class. We only meet for a limited time each week and have so much to share with your children. After each absence, the student is required to bring a note from his/her parent, stating why they were absent.

Class attendance is particularly important for students preparing for the reception of a Sacrament. Three or more unexcused absences and/or excessive number of excused absences is considered a justifiable reason to delay a child’s reception of the Sacrament.

No matter what the reason for an absence, all classroom work and any homework must be completed for the following class. It is the parent and student’s reponsibility to contact the catechist for this information.


Every student is expected to arrive for class at least 5 minutes before the bell rings. At this time, the teacher should be able to start the lesson he/she has planned for the day. If you know your child will be late, please call the office so the catechist can be notified. However, if tardiness is persistent you will be called to come and pick your child up, with the understanding that all work must be made up. (Please Note: One Prayers begin, all activity in the hallways must stop. Everyone is encouraged to pray together as a PREP community.)


IF DUE TO INCLEMENT WEATHER, OUR LADY OF GOOD COUNSEL SCHOOL IS CLOSED ON A WEDNESDAY, PREP ALSO IS CANCELLED. If there is a 2-hour delay then we will still have both afternoon and evening PREP sessions.

In the event of severely inclement weather or large snowfall, if Our Lady of Good Counsel School cancels classes, PREP classes for that day will also be cancelled. Due to inclement weather later in the day, catechists will notify the parents of the students in their class via phone and/or e-mail. The PREP office will send a general distribution e-mail to all families and, in addition, parents also may call the Parish at 215-357-1300.

Texts and Supplies

It is the student’s responsibility to bring to every class the following:

  • Textbook, Pencils, Writing Paper, Bible (depending on grade level)

  • There is no valid excuse for students coming to class unprepared. Parents will be notified if the situation persists.

  • All students are issued a textbook. Those who lose their texts will be responsible for purchasing the replacement.

Students and the PREP Program

Proper conduct and respect is expected of students at all times. Parents are urged to explain to their children that the time they spend in PREP classes is just as important to the process of maturation and development as the time they spend in their other classes at school. Thus, rules that apply in school, apply in PREP (for example, disrespect, disobedience, gum chewing, smoking, fighting, failure to do homework, ignoring school safety regulations, etc.)

Since PREP classes are held in the same rooms as Our Lady of Good Counsel elementary school classes, PREP students as well as students in the day school need to respect the property of Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish. No PREP student is, therefore, permitted to use or remove anything from the classrooms, desks or hallways in the school. Any vandalism of defacing of property will be treated accordingly.

The Religious Education Program is one of Christian formation. Therefore, it is expected that all students will be properly dressed. Keeping in mind that visits to Church are at regular intervals, their attire should reflect this.

It is necessary for the catechists to have the students’ cooperation and respect.  Students who persist in disturbing the learning environment will be dealt with accordingly.  If a student continues to fail to respond to a catechist’s request for appropriate behavior, that student will be sent to the PREP office, and the behavior will be addressed by the PREP Director.  In the event a student is sent to the office for inappropriate or uncooperative behavior on more than one occasion, the student’s parent(s) will be contacted.