The Student Altar Servers at Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish assist the Priests during Masses, Funerals, Weddings and other Special Liturgies. They are an important and much appreciated part of our Liturgies. This Ministry promotes a closer relationship with the ever-present Body of Christ in the lives of those who serve. There are currently over 80 active student servers in grades 6 through high school.

Student Altar Servers must be Confirmed and enrolled in the Parish day school or PREP. Each spring, an invitation letter is sent home with every 5th grade student in both schools. At this time, any student in 6th or 7th grade may also become an Altar Server. Training generally takes place after Easter or over the summer. As part of their training, students receive a handbook and phone directory of all Altar Server Students. Due to the number of students and the training involved, this invitation is extended only once a year.

Servers are responsible for keeping their assignments or finding a substitute from the phone list provided to them. Except for sudden illness, each student must find a substitute for any assignment that cannot be kept. The Rectory office must be notified when a schedule change is made or an assignment is missed due to sudden illness. Any missed or changed assignment without notifying the Rectory is considered unexcused. Students with more than two unexcused absences will be removed from the schedule.

The Director of Student Altar Servers is Mr. Kevin Madison