Pastoral Letter

My Dear Parishioners,

Although our country celebrates Thanksgiving Day in November, giving thanks should be a part of our daily lives.  Our Lord blesses us daily with His grace, and we are all blessed to be members of a great parish community.  I am continually moved by your love of our parish that is continually made evident in many ways.

We should all be grateful to God for the amazingly good weather and the success of our parish carnival.  A great deal of thanks is also due to Brendan McGhee, Mary Luberda, and the Carnival Committee for all their selfless work.  They worked tirelessly for months to ensure that it was a success.  After three years of hard work, Brendan and Mary are stepping down from their leadership of the carnival.  Everyone at OLGC owes them a great deal for their generosity, and on behalf of everyone, I thank them.  I am also grateful to everyone who contributed to the carnival from the planning and set-up to the take down and clean-up.  Your hard work resulted in a great time for everyone involved and a net profit of $58,538 for our parish.

Regarding the income from the carnival, I understand that, in the past, the carnival profit was advertised (or at least perceived) to be “extra” income to be used for “special projects.” However, it is important that you be aware that the carnival income serves to meet the daily operating expenses of our parish.  The weekly financial update on page 2 of every parish bulletin shows that our weekly income is not enough to pay our bills.  Every dollar of carnival income is used to reduce our operating deficit.  Therefore, I am very grateful to all who made the carnival a success, and to all of you who give generously of yourselves to our great parish and in the service of Our Lord.


Yours in Christ,

Reverend Robert G. Suskey