Pastoral Letter

My Dear Parishioners,

As we begin 2018, and I begin my fifth year as your pastor, it is appropriate to look back with gratitude to the previous year and look ahead to the coming year with hope and trust in the Lord.

2017 was an eventful year at OLGC.  The year began with the important search for a new principal of our parish school and a new parish business manager.  Both searches ended well as both Barbara Riley and Steve Lewis have shown themselves to be great additions to our parish staff.  Please join me in praying that they both have long and happy years with us.

The summer brought our annual parish carnival which was a huge success.  I am very grateful to all the volunteers who worked hard to make it a success especially Brendon McGhee and Mary Luberda.  After the carnival, we resurfaced and realigned the parking lot.  I am thankful for the many generous donations and the positive feedback that we received regarding the new parking format.

The fall was equally eventful.  Parishioner Declan Cole entered St. Charles Seminary.  We are blessed to be a rare parish that has two young men currently studying at the St. Charles (Randy Kraft is preparing to graduate the college division).  Our parish school opened this fall not only with a new principal but also with a new advancement director (Marina McCann).  We unveiled a new school logo and are enthused at the new life and direction that our parish school is taking into the twenty-first century.

2017 ended with wonderful Advent and Christmas seasons.  Our music ministry was excellent as always under the direction of Joan Kozlowski.  The church was beautiful thanks to the hard work of those who volunteered to decorate.  The altar servers, and all the liturgical ministers served excellently.  Many parishioners were typically very generous with their financial support to the parish at Christmas.  Under the direction of Bill and Mary Ann Fucich and with the help of generous donors and volunteers, we were once again able to provide a book by Matthew Kelly as a Christmas gift to all those who attended Mass at Christams.  Fr. Kilgallon, Fr. Kiernan, and I thank all of you who kindly sent us cards and gifts.  Please know that you are always in our prayers.

We have every reason to believe that 2018 will be a great year for our parish.  Although we face ongoing financial challenges, you the parishioners of OLGC have always proven your love for God and for your parish through your generous support.  As I said, we look forward to the future with great hope and trust in the Lord.  We have every reason to trust in the future, because God is already there.

Yours in Christ,

Reverend Robert G. Suskey