Outreach Ministry is an “open door” with an invitation to all to come in and take advantage of a wide range of opportunities to serve God and community as their time, talent and treasure might allow. Outreach has a threefold mission as follows:

(1) To provide opportunities for the continued “education” and spiritual growth in the Catholic Faith;

(2) To serve the community through Corporal and Spiritual Works of mercy; and,

(3) To gather in fellowship, sharing in social activities.

In even broader terms, however, the mission of Outreach Ministry is to be a group ready and happy to serve our brothers and sisters in Christ “whenever, wherever and for whatever” we may be called upon to do.

Interested in keeping informed about Outreach activities via our email network? Please send your email address to Outreach@olgc.org with a request to be placed on our mailing list. No Strings Attached.

We typically meet every fourth Monday at 7:30 pm in the Trinity Center.
Please see the Church Bulletin for any variations to the schedule.


Can you spare about an hour a week to help a senior parishioner with food shopping? Can you share a ride with a senior parishioner in need of a ride to Mass (time is flexible)? If so, please call Outreach Ministry at 215 355-1300, ext. 179.


We each know someone who is away from the Church and the Sacraments. The holidays are fast approaching and we all need the comfort and peace of “home.” Why not consider inviting that person (or persons) to “Come Back Home”. Invite them to come to Mass with you. What a wonderful gift to share!


Have you been away from the Lord? Been away from His Church and the Sacraments? Do you pray for the day when you return to the Lord’s open and waiting arms? We would sincerely like to extend to you our warmest welcome and most heartfelt invitation to “Come Back Home.” Come in and take another look. We’ve Missed You too!


Have you recently “Come Back Home” to the Church and the Sacraments? Are you feeling a little lost? We would like to welcome you, support you and help you to feel truly “at home.” We can offer you friendship and fellowship. We can help you to become familiar with, and welcome to the many ministries and service and social groups within our Parish. Most importantly, we can help you to reacquaint yourself with the Catholic Church and the richness and joy of our faith. PLEASE CALL

We would love to hear from you. Please don’t be shy. give us a call at (215) 357-1300, extension 179 or contact us via e-mail at Outreach@olgc.org. No strings attached. All communications will be kept confidential. We look forward to hearing from you.

Outreach Projects

St. Francis’ Inn We are on call (Sunday) to serve meals to the homeless and needy at this Kensington soup kitchen.
St. Vincent’s Inn We serve meals to the homeless and needy at St. Vincent’s Inn in Germantown on the third Sunday of each month. To be placed on a flexible on-call list for service, please e-mail us at Outreach@olgc.org with your name and telephone number.
Luther Park Prayer Service Every month with a 5th Sunday, on the 5th Sunday, Outreach leads an ecumenical prayer service and shares some treasured time with the residents of Luther Park.
Come Back Home We share the “come back Home” invitation with those who have been away from the Church and the Sacraments and we offer encouragement and support to all who desire to “come back Home.” We also provide support for those who have “come back Home” but may still be “feeling a little lost.”
Parish Partners We provide rides to doctor’s appointments (etc.) run small errands, do grocery shopping, etc. for parishioners in need.
Hospitality Outreach in on-call to provide hospitality as requested for special parish events.
Bucks County Council of
Health and Welfare, Inc.
Throughout the year, the Council has food drives (through the schools, scouts, etc.) and Outreach helps to sort and stack the goods that are collected.
Aid for Friends We coordinate special meal-making projects or collections to help offset seasonal shortages and we coordinate our parish Thanksgiving Aid for Friends’ project.
Easter Baskets We coordinate the making of Easter baskets for the homebound within our Parish.
Ice Cream Social We host an “all you can eat” ice cream social which serves to bring our Parish community together in a special way.
Happy Birthday to Jesus Party We host a Happy Birthday to Jesus party for children ages 2-8 during which the children take part, in costume, in the story of Jesus’ birth. This party, complete with all of the birthday fixins’, helps the children to understand the true reason for the Christmas season.
Christmas Caroling We coordinate the gathering of the voices and warm hearts of our parish priests and parishioners (children and adults) to create groups of carolers to visit and bring the joy of the season to our parish homebound.
Christmas Gifts We fill a van with gifts donated by Outreach members and friends and distribute those gifts to a needy family (or families) within our Parish. Everyone knows how wonderful it is to know that they have helped to bring a smile to a child’s face on Christmas morning.
Giving Tree We coordinate the “Christmas Angels” giving tree project and assist in the distribution of approximately 1,000 gifts through many different sources and facilities to those most in need.

If you have a question concerning OLGC’s Outreach Ministry, you can contact us via telephone, 215-357-1300 ext 179 or via email.