CYO Athletic Program

Approval for the CYO Athletic Program at Our Lady of Good Counsel is granted by the pastor or his designate.

Our Lady of Good Counsel CYO Athletic Program is a chartered member of the Archdiocesan Youth Ministry Program. Our Lady of Good Counsel is a chartered member of Region 11 CYO.

Athletic programs sponsored by Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Youth Organization shall at all times reflect the CYO Mission Statement of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. The mission statement appears on the first page of this handbook.

The overriding motivation of the Our Lady of Good Counsel Athletic Program is the involvement of as many students as possible in athletic competition within a Christian context. Through CYQ sports, students are provided with opportunities to grow in their faith through the guidance, direction and coaching of adult Christian men and women; to form friendships; and to deal graciously with both victory and defeat.

The following sport programs are offered at OLGC for the upcoming season:


(grades K-9* boys/girls)

Cross Country
(grades 4-8 boys/girls)

(grades 3-8 boys/girls)

(grades 5-8

Football (grades 5-8 boys)**


(grades 5-8 boys/girls)


(grades 4-8

(grades 5-8

Track (grades 4-8

*must be able to swim one lap of an Olympic-size pool
** administered by Region 11 and known as “The Saints”

There are two classifications of teams for soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball and baseball.

  • “A” Team
    This level of play is designed for a higher level of competition, therefore, a student must try-out for this team. Eligibility for this level of play is determined by general tryouts for each grade level or grouping (e.g. 5-6 grades). Tryouts are conducted by the athletic coordinator or his/her designate for each sport. Student performance is evaluated and rated by the athletic coordinator and coaches. From this data, the “A Team” members are selected. OLGC “A” teams then compete with other Region 11 “A” teams.

    It should be noted that due to the more competitive nature of this league, coaches are not mandated to guarantee equal playing time for each player during games. Coaches at OLGC are
    instructed to play all players during a game, unless agreed-upon disciplinary action/inaction necessitates otherwise.

  • “B” Team
    This level is less competitive for the student but helps with instruction and practice in the basics of the sport. Each student is required a certain amount of playing time during games. The amount of time varies per sport. “B” Teams are considered part of a regional parish league. It is possible for parishes to sponsor more than one “B Team” for each sport. This number is, however, dependent upon the availability of coaches, equipment, and/or field (or gym) time.

League Considerations
In the event that a given sport does not offer a “B” league option and OLGC is fielding multiple teams, than the Sport Coordinator shall be the determining factor in team composition.